How Does a Community Heal?

Noticed this post on Susanna Kaljur’s blog.

The division in the community is the result of Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates who has consistently intentionally misled the landowners when we expected honest communication – what is a good word for someone who does that? It hasn’t stopped and no doubt will continue as it’s worked so well for KIP so far. Predatory developer.

I don’t know how Susanna withstood the years – yes, years of abuse by these men. Would any one of them allow their partners to be treated the way they treated Susanna? Not a chance. These men targeted women who were on their own and had the audacity to question their actions. That’s how brave they are. Also, they run in packs as they can’t stand on their own – gutless one on one.

So many red flags from day 1. Who can forget the planned disruption of the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 2016, because the gutless wonders knew they couldn’t answer the valid questions hey would be subjected to so chose to attempt getting the meeting shut down.

The ‘J’ is Lone Jednorog who was running for trustee at the time and took over the mic, after the facilitator asked the candidates to takes their seats, and wanted to discredit those who hosted the meeting. ‘Bitten’ is Rick Bitten who ran for trustee. Ted Haraldson who was running for trustee is not visible but told me to be quiet – this from a guy who planned a disruption. This is the guy who eventually became chair and unlawfully suspended Trustee Kaljur and adjourned meetings and unlawfully resumed them in secret locations as well as just unlawfully locking out the electorate.

Here’s Bitten’s cover your ass moment. Imagine offering an apology to your co conspirator on behalf of UBID.

This is what looney Jednorog posted on her blog. Compare it to the video.

Here’s another gem from her website. It was comic relief as she couldn’t put together anything close to accurate and eventually removed all but a picture and now the blog is gone. Notice it’s KIP again. This was in response to the over 400 signatures requesting we become a service area of the CVRD. The KIP lapdogs were opposed to this as KIP had far more control when he had his incompetent flunkies as trustees. KIP actually got UBID to negotiate down with the new Water Treatment Agreement in Oct. 2017, that’s how much control he had.

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