Ted’s alternative facts:

Like a good little flunky, Trustee Haraldson made a big deal out of his ‘announcement’ on behalf of KIP at the January 2021 UBID Strategic Planning Session. Announces KIP has been awarded their building permits and that they’re going ahead in March with the Discovery Centre. States down the road very shortly there will be a $400,000 cheque coming to UBID which has been in escrow with Jim Youngsgren (sic) for quite a while. Money to go into WTP to pay the loan down.

The facts as of May 18, 2021:

UBID hasn’t received any of the $400,000. Ted announced and building permit not issued yet because KIP hasn’t paid for it and has yet to turn over 6 affordable housing lots and the parks and trails before permit is issued.

Excerpt of May 20, 2021 question period of UBID board meeting. No money yet and that money is CEC’s according to Chair Munro. KIP likes to make a big deal about paying CEC’s as though he’s ‘giving’ something to Union Bay. What other landowner has paid their CEC’s prior to building and wants praise for their contribution?

Here’s another area where bullshit is spread – the Facebook Union Bay Bulletin Board. A bunch of people making statements as facts with zero evidence to back up their bullshit.

If nothing else, it’s good for a laugh when Area A Director Daniel Arbour pops up when someone mentions contacting him and he states “he will ask staff of CVRD to provide more information on this, from our perspective, and to post it on our Union Bay Estates sub-page.” And poof – that’s it for him and don’t bother clicking on the link as there is no news regarding the retroactive gravel/sand pit application. It’s his standard response – will get more info from staff because he can’t answer questions.

Comments after the sign went up advising KIP’s RETROACTIVE application for the gravel/sand pit.

After posting her bullshit, she posts this a few days later telling people to be honest.