EDIT May 26, 2021: I submitted my opposition by email to: SouthwestMinesDivision@gov.bc.ca which was posted in the ad in the Record, and cc’d acooper@mcelhanney.com mrutten@comoxvalleyrd.ca reachme@danielarbour.ca Melanie.Mark.MLA@leg.bc.ca today and received a confirmation from Rue Pope, Authorizations Administrator, Ministry of Entry, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation.

I also included the photo above which shows how close the pit is to Union Bay homes. Feel free to include it in your letter.

Thanks to a very knowledgable individual who has provided the following information for landowners who wish to submit their concerns regarding the retroactive application by KIP. KIP’s application is for 10 years!

You can download the letter here choosing a pdf version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zKzA-pegVMo0ssR38Ch6sBeTfSSH-oAc/view?usp=sharing or a .docx version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ze4IeiGrAlN_1XeaksK49-4REtGSzvb1/view?usp=sharing if you wish to use part or all of it: