NOTE: the feature picture above is the VP of KIP aka UBE referring to the 2010 MDA negotiated between KIP and the CVRD as “clearly states…”, but now it no longer clearly states? What changed? Is there a revision in the 2017 MDA that I missed, because from this FAQ by the CVRD regarding the revisions, has pretty strong language that specifically addresses the sewage questions. That language has all but disappeared and now we’re getting the ‘intent’ of the MDA to allow this developer to renege once again.

This email is the conclusion of my unanswered questions about the CVRD holding KIP to the conditions spelled out in the MDA.

What has ole slick followed through on since all the promises made in 2006 when the developer needed the support of the community? Anyone?

This email chain started with a statement left by our Area A Director, Daniel Arbour on the facebook Union Bay Bulletin Board.

Short version: CVRD staff and Area A Director will not answer my 2 questions. Can’t respond unless I meet in person? WTF?