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Thanks to the individual who sent me this pdf.

How come none of our elected representatives think the public should have the opportunity to ask questions regarding this application? The sign went up May 14, 2021, and the copy that was supposedly at the Union Bay library (with very limited openings and 1 person at a time) didn’t arrive there until days later. Why is that sufficient for something that affects so many landowners for the next 9 years?

Public Notice for a Mine:

Pages 10 and 11 from the above document.

This from Dec. 2017. Now crickets.

This pit can’t be viewed as ‘temporary’ – it’s for 10 years backdated because ole slick never bothered to apply for a permit for the pit or the clearing. That’s the MO of this developer – go ahead and count on people assuming that you wouldn’t be doing (whatever) unless you had gone through the proper channels and maybe get caught a small percentage of the time.