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The same person who instructed staff not to respond to my questions, is the same person who presented the revised 2017 MDA for approval Dec. 8, 2017, and yet is unable to answer whether KIP will be required to abide by the terms of that very MDA.

Dyson isn’t some flunky – he’s the top guy, so if he can’t provide honest answers now to something that was so clear at the time – where does that leave us when it comes to any agreement made on behalf of the public after publishing this FAQ 4 days after the approval of the MDA?

Another clip from one of the CVRD’s FAQ’s -What is an MDA?. So why are the ‘terms and conditions’ being changed in this legal contract? This MDA was created after the public hearings in 2009 held after the CVRD lost the lawsuit after they illegally changed the water source after the public hearings in 2006 without allowing the public to comment on that change.

Quite the turnaround from the enthusiastic detailed responses to questions in Dec. 2017 to a one line ‘don’t respond’ to two simple questions now.

Here is the first part of page one of the revised MDA:

Here’s page 6 submitted in the package by Dyson regarding sewage changes in the MDA: