Posted in CVRD, Kensington Coastal Pointe, Kensington Island Properties aka KIP Costanza, 34083 Yukon Inc., Kensington Union Bay Properties Gp Ltd, Kensington Union Bay Properties Ltd., Royston Union Bay Sewage plan 2020, The Union Bay Community, Union Bay Estates, Union Bay Resorts

The Assurances From Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates for Sewer in the 2017 MDA have Vanished like all the Empty Promises

This is a continuation of the KIP sewage application to dump 1875 cubic metres of treated sewage daily into Hart/Washer Creek.

“…the new certainly (sic) around this project…” It appears in Dec. 2017, the new certainty had a shelf life of 3 years.

The much hyped 2017 revised MDA which supposedly enforced the sewage section. This developer appears to sign agreements without the intent to proceed according to the conditions. Gets one foot in the door and then slithers around trying to find a way around the stipulations agreed to.

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