I’m happy we are becoming a service area of the CVRD, but that doesn’t mean we can assume all is well.

The talk around 2005 and 2006 was that KIP wanted to use Langley Lake on a temporary basis. The CAO of the RD, Bob Long, during the KIP hearings in March 2006 assured the community Langley Lake was not going to be the water source for KIP. Long said it wasn’t even on the table. The community supported the project as a result with conditions that KIP would have to meet. It appeared the RD listened to the landowners of Union Bay

Months later, the RD did an about face and while changing bylaws, made Langley Lake the sole water source for the development.

The Baynes Sound Area Society for Sustainability sued the RD and won. The RD didn’t appeal and instead pulled a fast one by holding hearings again to determine if the project still had support and allowing anyone, anywhere, from realtors to businesses doing work on behalf of KIP to submit support for the project. The decision was no longer left to the landowners most affected by this development. https://allthingsunionbay.blogspot.com/2012/06/upset-kensington-island-properties.html

The community support was when we were told Langley Lake would NOT be the water source. So we have been screwed around and that’s how Langley Lake became the water source and we have been screwed by this developer again and again.

Now we are being screwed because according to the CVRD, they aren’t required to hold any public meetings or have public input because the MDA is between the owners of KIP and the CVRD which makes the assurances claimed from Dec. 2017, MDA toilet paper.