NO. Can’t say I’m surprised. Hope no one believed the bs KIP spouted Mar. 1, 2018 at the Kingfisher announcing Union Bay Estates launch and that homes would be built in May or June 2019. It’s interesting to read what KIP stated in this article. KIP never advised the sewage system applied for would not benefit the landowners of Union Bay as promised by this sleazy developer, in my opinion. Wonder how the landowners would have reacted to this information just 3 months after signing the water agreement with UBID in Oct. 2017.

The George Costanza of developers never applied for a steep slope permit to clear forest and then didn’t apply for a permit for a gravel pit to haul tonnes of fill away. The sewage application was deemed deficient and KIP still hasn’t submitted a complete application. The decision for the gravel/sand pit application appears to be in limbo waiting for KIP to provide more information.

How anyone can believe this developer is mind boggling. Just look at the actions right after signing the revised MDA in Dec. 2017. In Feb. 2018 KIP submitted an application to dump treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek for a system exclusively for the development a mere 2 months after agreeing to the following in the MDA:

Received this today: KIP still hasn’t turned over the Parks and Trails or the affordable housing lots. The work being done prior to receiving permits is at KIP’s own risk.