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Looks Like Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Want to Add to the Contamination Already Leaching Into Baynes Sound


Anyone surprised by this new development? Union Bay Estates has been discharging muddy construction runoff into the mouth of Hart/Washer Creek since at least Sept. 30, which is when the above pic was taken.

Does it surprise you that those in authority don’t seem concerned. Area A Director was copied on a letter regarding the discharge and responded with general answers about the coal hill remediation and completely ignored the discharge problem – completely ignored .

The same developer that wants you to trust them to dump 1875 cubic metres of sewage daily into Hart/Washer Creek safely.

The same developer who never bothered to obtain permits to clear the land north of McLeod Rd and never bothered to apply for a permit to use the cleared land as a gravel/sand pit until caught by an inspector of Mines.

Ya, that developer. The developer who doesn’t give a shit about Union Bay or those who reside here – imo.

The image below is page 14 from the Official Community Plan from the Comox Valley Regional District. Why isn’t the OCP being enforced?

The two and a half minute video below shows how far the muddy waters spread.

Here’s another photo from Nov. 22 showing the muddy water being drained through the concrete culvert.


“…McMahon said the area was a cesspool of contaminants that continued to leech (sic) into Baynes Sound.”

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