The picture at the top is KIP’s pipe in Hart/Washer Creek documenting the flow. The pipe is in a bowl where the creek narrows under the train trestle – not a good indicator of the flow of the creek. Anyone who has walked up the creek bed knows the creek is not deep. It’s a creek not a raging river!

So when ole slick managed to get the MDA revised in Dec. 2017, and signed all those details that the developer and the CVRD agreed upon, including the original commitment regarding sewage:

Then in Feb. 2018, ole slick applied for an application to dump 1875 cubic metres of treated sewage daily into Hart/Washer Creek – not to build an expandable sewage system as agreed upon mere months earlier. That application was deemed deficient and ole slick had to submit a new application. This time ole slick reduced the sewage to 1000 cubic metres daily dumping treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek.

From Melanie Mamoser today:

Ole slick is going to screw us again. What is a comparable amount KIP would contribute? For 512 connections? For 3000 connections? The landowners in Royston and Union Bay in the first phase of the sewage plan shouldn’t be footing the bill for this slimy developer who has yet to show it can be trusted to follow through on anything.