Examinations for discovery is where the truth will come out. DWR, Jurisich and John Does better be prepared to provide evidence of their wild claims. It’s one thing for Jurisich to lie to his lawyer who puts those lies to paper, it’s another when it comes down to providing proof. Proof of me on DWR property, proof that the altitude was what they claim, on and on – they have zero.

There are so many sections that are just ridiculous, like this one from page 7 the RCC (Response to Civil Claim). If DWR took the drone – it was only temporary – the plaintiff accepted return of the drone. Oh, I guess it’s like when someone robs a bank and when caught returns the stolen money – it’s all good and the bank accepted the return of the stolen property, so everyone should be happy – right?

If there was damage to the drone it must have been done by me after it was returned. How did they determine there was no damage to the drone? They wouldn’t have the controller which is required – duh – to determine what problems exist – just like I did when it was left in the dark of night on my front porch. That’s how I determined there was damage by connecting to the controller. The only thing the robbers could have done was turn the drone off and on until the battery died, which in no way is a determination as to damage suffered or the ability to fly it safely.

This is from page 8 of the RCC. If Jurisich lied to police, he did not know his statements were false. Ya, right. The lies rolled off his tongue and obviously continue to do so even to his lawyer. Jurisich knowingly lied to the officer in the picture at the top from June 15, 2022, when he said the police told me not to fly over DWR – a blatant lie. How was that not knowing the statements were false – either the police told him I was informed not to fly over DWR or they didn’t – Jurisich just made up the lie and judging by the fantasy he spun to his lawyer, continues on with the lies. Their client is lying to them.

This is how concerned the police were about me and my drone. Note the date June 22, so DWR might have kept calling the police and must have been told at some point that I was not illegally flying a drone. I suspect Jurisich was told this very thing on June 15, 2022, by the officer who attended the DWR industrial site immediately after leaving my residence. Jurisich told the officer he wanted to file complaints against me. Police obviously never acted on those complaints because I am allowed to fly legally over the industrial site.