The thing is, Jurisich is relying on their false claim that I am flying my drone illegally as a defence to all Jurisich’s crimes – simply not true. The police would have told him this and he just chose to ignore it.

Page 8 of the RCC (Response to Civil Claim) “…filed multiple police reports in respect of the Plaintiff’s unlawful drone use to the RCMP.” So why didn’t Jurisich leave it to the police to handle? Was he made a special constable of the RCMP? Since when is it acceptable to take the law into your own hands and justify it by claiming he was provoked? How ridiculous – these incidents weren’t spontaneous – Jurisich sought me out to rob me and physically intimidate. All the BS in the world doesn’t change the facts.

In the response to the civil claim Jurisich’s lawyers claim he was provoked. Isn’t that the line/excuse the abusive spouse uses to justify beating the shit out of their spouse? She/he provoked me. What a cowardly spineless excuse.

Again, Jurisich came at me on 3 separate occasions – the third happened after my lawsuit was served. So are they saying whatever he did was justified because he decided the police weren’t taking the actions Jurisich wanted, so he became his own police force?

Are we all allowed to take this position if we feel provoked, regardless of whether the police have been contacted? Just rob those who we feel deserve it? Physically intimidate, chasing people to their homes and calling their re-inforcements to arrive to show how powerful they are and should be feared? Jurisich is a thug and all his actions prove it.

This is the third incident June 22, 2022. How many times do you think he has called the police at this point? The police would have advised him I was legally flying the drone on June 15, 2022, after the second incident. This thug parked his truck preventing me from moving my car from 1:28 pm until 2:06 pm.