Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates – Ole Slick Will Start Crying the Blues – Again.

All the work over the last couple of years is all being done without triggering the MDA (Master Development Agreement) between KIP and the CVRD. KIP can’t subdivide or build anything until the Parks and Trails are turned over to the CVRD. Also has to turn over the Habitat for Humanity lots for Phase 1. Also has to pay for the building permit for the Discovery Centre.

You just know from past experience if Ole Slick doesn’t get his way he’ll be whining and crying again about how he’s trying so hard, loves the community, blah blah blah, and why did you let him spend all this money if your weren’t going to allow him to go ahead? Always everyone else’s fault. Let’s stop getting sucked in by this sleazy developer, in my opinion. Union Bay has gotten squat from this developer who promised $17.4 Million dollars for water treatment alone. Who ended up paying for it – landowners.

Quote from Mamoser’s email below.

…there is nothing in the regulation which prevents an applicant from constructing conveyance pipes while an application is under review. It is a risk the applicant bears.


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