Shipbreaking in Union Bay – EMERGENCY

The following is being distributed in Union Bay as Deep Water Recovery prepares to dismantle a ship containing asbestos. Please consider contacting the elected officials mentioned below if you are opposed to the actions being taken by Deep Water Recovery.

Haul-out of documented asbestos laden NOASS Miller Freeman for Shipbreaking on the land appears to be imminent.

The nightmare scenario at this site appears to be rapidly escalating and requires an emergency response from the public. As per the documentation below, an asbestos laden vessel apparently is being prepared to be dragged onto the land for shipbreaking. Once this vessel is ashore, the problems to remedy this situation increase exponentially, and the dangers to the public become unmanageable.

What can you do to help? Please read the documentation below, and, contact the (3) politicians below asap. We are anxious, worried and horrified that Baynes Sound and its residents may be exposed to known carcinogens while the Province does nothing.

Josie Osborne – MLA Mid Island-Pacific Rim. Telephone (250) 720-4515

George Heyman – Minister of Environment & Climate Change Strategy. Telephone (250) 387-1187

Daniel Arbour – Director Area ‘A’ – Comox Valley Regional District Telephone (250) 650-8480

As per the public bid documents for the NOASS Miller Freeman, this vessel contains asbestos, and the bidder is warned “…DO NOT RELEASE FIBRES BY CUTTING, CRUSHING, SANDING, DISASSEMBLING, OR OTHERWISE ALTERING THIS PROPERTY..”

As you are aware, asbestos is a known carcinogen. This vessel (and the NOASS Surveyor – American vessel) is from the vintage where other known carcinogens are likely present. NGO Shipbreaking Platform was very clear, that shipbreaking at this site is an extreme-risk activity in a residential neighbourhood. There are two elementary aged children living at the residence bordering the north of the UBIL site, along with several other young children in our neighbourhoods.

The operator has placed inflatable rollers under the bow of the Miller Freeman. The Management Plan obtained through Freedom of Information states that this is the method of vessel haul out, “Vessels will be positioned and hauled out of the water up the ramp on inflatable rollers by means of large winches setup on the land…”. The land based winches and inflatable rollers are clearly visible from the photos below. This method has been used by the Operator to haul out other vessels at this site.

Aug. 8, 2022.

Aug. 7, 2022

Management Plan obtained through Freedom of Information.

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