Representative David Godfrey, for Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Spreading More BS

You can always count on Godfrey to jump at the chance to spread more bs on behalf of this developer on the Facebook Union Bay Bulletin Board.

Here he claims McMahon has negotiated with Telus for a cell tower.

In non bullshit world:

Here’s KIP Representative claiming KIP had plans to install a sewer treatment plant but the CVRD is at fault that it didn’t proceed. Well let’s go back to the time period of the South Sewer Project. KIP allowed his WIA with UBID to lapse as of Dec. 31, 2014 and refused to negotiate a new agreement until Oct. 2017.

During this time KIP Representative David Godfrey circulated a petition (2015) demanding UBID give KIP an extension to the EXPIRED agreement and promoting KIP. Godfrey also attended a meeting in Victoria with McMahon and Minister Fassbender and got a Facilitator appointed for the whining developer. There was never a word about KIP contributing or offering anything during the South Sewer Project.

Here’s what was being discussed by Godfrey – the expired agreement. KIP never made a peep during the South Sewer Project because he spent the whole time whining about the friggin 2010 EXPIRED WIA Agreement that he allowed to lapse. KIP never fulfilled any of the conditions required under the 2010 WIA. Did nothing for 3 years and 9 months and then asked verbally/informally for an extension. The only mention Godfrey made was this:

Besides water charges, Godfrey said landowners also face the CVRD’s impending Liquid Waste Management System.

This is a typical Godfrey spin and again, never disclosing the fact of being a KIP representative.

What and when did the CVRD change agreements and demand more and more? I call bullshit – let’s see the proof. The MDA was revised in Dec. 2017 and in Feb. 2018, KIP applied for a permit to dump treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek. That application was huge and must have taken months to compile. I don’t believe this developer ever intended to build a system we could hook into – just bs like all the other promises since this developer showed up. This file is huge and there are duplicates as it was obtained through Freedom of Information

Here he is again jumping in to promote KIP. Why won’t he disclose he is a representative of this developer? Think of all the KIP related meetings hosted by Godfrey, including All Candidates Meetings, never wanting anything recorded for proof of what took place.

So if it’s the lots for sale, what are the prices, Mr. Knowitall?

Does anyone honestly believe this developer had plans for a sewage system we could hook into? The application states the dumping of sewage in Hart Creek is for Phase 1 which will take 10 years to build out and then relies on a regional system and guess who’s going to pay for that? How much do you think the developer will contribute if he thinks he has ten years of dumping into Hart Creek while we pony up for the regional system.

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