Now that the election is over – let’s remember a few things said during this campaign by Director Arbour at the All Candidates Meeting.

  1. Parks and Trails have been turned over to the CVRD – False. They are still waiting for KIP to register the documents at Land Titles.
  2. KIP is giving $1 Million towards affordable housing – False. The developer has the option to pay money instead of providing the six lots for affordable housing in phase 1. $1 million divided by six is $166,666.66 Arbour has refused to say where he got that $1 million dollar figure.
  3. KIP will be contributing ‘a lot’ for the Sewer South Project – don’t know what ‘a lot’ is at this time as no figures were provided or percentages.
  4. That we all know Langley Lake can’t support 3000 more doors – I was surprised at this statement and we will have to wait and see if this is repeated.
  5. Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – Arbour stated why the CVRD has initiated legal action when DWR refused to take any steps to rectify the situation such as applying for a Temporary Use Permit. Nothing is happening. DWR lawyers are dragging this out and succeeding. Here is the status and you will note that no documents have been submitted since May 2022. WTF? You will also note my lawsuit initiated in June 2022 has had activity since that time because I have a lawyer that won’t let them pull this shit. We await the judges decision on DWR’s pathetic application to dismiss our Protection of Public Participation Act application. All they can do is try to delay because Terrance Ruttan will be examined on his affidavit – there is no way out buddy – you swore the information was true and signed your name. Also, thug Jurisich who was so quick to taken action against landowners by chasing, spitting at them and then robbing of my drone, hasn’t provided an affidavit – why is that? Maybe throwing Terrance Ruttan under the bus? Did they tell Terrance Ruttan when he signed that affidavit that he could be examined on the words he claimed to be true? I think they found someone to take the heat off Jurisich, for a while. A flunky easily manipulated. Jurisich is scared because the video evidence proves the robbery, so what’s he going to claim as a defense? Again, stalling will only work so long, at some point Jurisich is going to have to provide an affidavit and will be examined on the words he swears to. I can hardly wait to watch Jason in action again.

I have been asking repeatedly if the CVRD plans on owning the sewage system KIP has applied to dump 1000 cubic metres of treated sewage into Hart Creek daily from Oct. through May. As per the MDA, the system the developer builds would become the property of the CVRD after 2 years of operating. No one will give me a straight answer. What happens to the system KIP builds if there is a Sewage South Project?

Here’s the pipe KIP installed under the trestle to monitor the flow of Hart Creek taken Oct. 13, 2022. Think KIP’s sewage would be diluted 40 to 1 in October?