CVRD is planning to 2040 anticipating the population of Royston and Union Bay to be 10,000 by that time.

Langley Lake doesn’t service Royston. So most of the growth is predicted for Union Bay by KIP and KFN. How can they plan when they don’t know how Langley Lake is fed and how much water there is for the taking?

A hydrological study isn’t an immediate concern according to the CVRD. They are planning, projecting this massive growth, along with a forced sewage system on us without the necessary water figures. How is this good governance? Are we going to be left with a half finished costly sewage system paid for by the initial landowners forced to hookup?

Naramata could happen again, right here and guess who foots the bill? We need a study asap so everyone knows what to expect.

Meeting of the Sewer Extension South Project.