Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – why are their lawyers stalling? That’s all they got.

So far, Terrance “Bear” Ruttan is the only one from DWR who has provided a (fantasy) affidavit which contains this:

Christ, that must be terrifying for Terrance if the drone causes him so much stress working in such a noisy environment. Terrance must be jumping out of his skin at every noise considering all that heavy equipment moving around and the crashing of metal slabs. Now that is a dedicated employee. 🙂

The main culprit and chief thug, Mark Jurisich, still hasn’t provided a sworn affidavit denying any of the facts provided in the lawsuit against him and the other John Doe’s and Deep Water Recovery. Why is that?

How thoughtful for an employee to stop another employee from working so they can look at a drone 73 metres away. Notice the beginning few seconds how far away the drone is and then I use the digital 2 X zoom.

I took at picture of them taking a picture. Altitude 73 metres (239.5 ft) 2 X digital zoom. It’s impossible to judge distance of an object looking up in the sky – there is no point of reference.

This must have been an excruciating day for Terrance with all the noise – look at the plume of dust particles from breaking up the steel into small pieces. When the machine releases the steel, it drops and makes a hell of a noise.

One thought on “Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – why are their lawyers stalling? That’s all they got.

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  1. Poor guy. He must be terrified every time a plane or an eagle goes over. Ha ha. It caused him so much stress he had to find it and steal it. That’s weird.

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