The UBID Gong Show Board hired this guy after Professional Admin left to work at the CVRD.

After watching the CVRD meeting I wanted to show the extreme difference when you hire right and when you don’t and the implications. UBID board wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars during its existence. Lawsuits, renovations, uncontrolled spending, disastrous real estate purchase of the school property, unqualified staff, delaying becoming a service area of the CVRD ensuring landowners bore the entire cost of the water treatment plant, etc.

For those who don’t know, Kevin Douville, Manager of Financial Planning at the CVRD was once our Admin at UBID hired by the Molstad Board. A real pro and the most qualified ever to hold the position. (Molstad, Webb and Alcock resigned in July 2016 due to KIP trustees Jacques and Loxam meeting with KIP)

Below is a clip from Nov. 2016 when the new pro KIP (gong show) board put forth a motion to grant an extension to the expired 2014 Water Infrastructure Agreement at their FIRST board meeting. Always the pro, Kevin explains to the new board what the situation is and provides them with suggestions. He is completely ignored.

You have to remember, Kevin is the one person who could verify KIP’s actions or lack thereof. All those bullshit comments KIP made about how UBID was stalling could be disputed by evidence – he had to go. They treated him like a flunky and was gone by Jan. 2017. Also, at the 2016 AGM and election, some hillbilly thug threatened Kevin with physical violence. Ah ya, the Friendly Port.

I love that it must have burned KIP’s ass when Kevin was hired by the CVRD and is now Manager of Financial Planning. Didn’t get rid of him – made him stronger. Imagine the two being in the same meetings with KIP trying his bs act.

Then the pro KIP board hired this admin with zero government experience and insinuated the UBID office was left in a mess. Paid him more, let him moonlight at another job, paid him overtime because he never learned the job and everything took longer learning by mistake after mistake.

Listen to how disrespectful this turd is when asked a question by a trustee. Always threatening to call the police when asked questions at the office. Locked the office from 12 – 1 and took lunch from 1 to 2. A real weenie.

This is Kevin presenting the financials Mar. 21, 2023. Listen to a pro take any question and answer fully and accurately.

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