Previous Gong Show Trustee questions CVRD costs after conversion

The screenshot above is one of the stupid posts made on the now defunct website Looney Jednorog created and featured the pro KIP trustees – Bitten, Loxam, Jacques and Haraldson. Here’s a collection

Well look who’s raised their incompetent head. The same guy who spewed bullshit while a trustee and denied landowners the right to become a service area for years because he was worried about 5 employees/friends of his. This left the landowners bearing the total cost of the water treatment plant and the finances in the hands of unqualified admin, who the three pro KIP trustees voted to hire rather than someone with experience.

The same guy who said the expired WIA was still in effect in Nov. 2016, due to the force majeure clause. This board fired the professional negotiators the Molstad board hired. But these tools figured they had what it takes to negotiate on behalf of the community. What did they ask for that they didn’t get? What did KIP ask for that he didn’t get? Ordinary landowners patted on the head by a developer telling them how smart they are and they don’t need anyone negotiating on their behalf.

The same guy who trumpeted the fact that parcel taxes weren’t going up after the Water Agreement was reached in Oct. 2017, as some sort of great accomplishment at the same time ignoring future planning. The water treatment plant was the only thing they concentrated on valiantly defending the incompetent admin from any criticism, claiming all the hours the guy was putting in. Ya, how did that end? Oh, I know, 1 day he was there and the next day he ‘retired’. That year payouts were made to the admin and to the Fire Chief that the admin fired. UBID has been unnecessarily bleeding money for years.

Claimed if 300 people showed up and wanted water, we would have to give it to them – bullshit. Wanted to prevent me or anyone from recording the UBID meeting because he wanted to copyright the meetings and didn’t have a clue where the videos would be stored. The incompetent admin ended up putting them on Youtube (just like I predicted) and can’t be copyrighted. What a moron.

The Gong Show board he was on never planned for renewal and replacement and now he’s bitching about increases 2 years after he’s no longer a trustee, that the CVRD stated conversion would be cost neutral. What did he expect after years of incompetence failing to plan for the future? At some point we have to pay. Thanks to the Gong Show we are paying a lot more all a once and this is just the tip.

Water has always been a Union Bay issue. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, I believe that it wasn’t until the Molstad Board that landowners were actually covering the costs of being provided water. Water tolls didn’t cover the cost and had to be topped up from other UBID funds. The Molstad board began April 2011 through July 2016.

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