Remembering Molly, Riley, Bella, Rupert, Emma, Leo, Babe, Missy, Carmen, Gypsy, Skooner and Astro

Wonderful companions that are missed.

The clip below is from 2008, the cast party of the musical “Annie” performed at the Sid Williams after the last of 8 performances. During the rehearsals and performances the kids were discouraged from paying attention to “Sandy” because they needed her to respond to the little girl playing “Annie”. They had a blast at the cast party. A cast of 60 amazingly talented people, mostly kids, right here in the valley.

Cast and crew. Not my picture. Credit to Terry (can’t remember his last name – gentleman in back row under the ‘i’ in Annie) who was allowed to take pics during the dress rehearsal and shared them with everyone involved.

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