Union Bay Nature Park – only took 13 years for KIP aka Union Bay Estates to turn over part of parks.

Not sure if the land to the east of the highway has been turned over to the CVRD as it’s still listed as ‘private’, but the land to the west of the highway is now officially the property of the CVRD as it’s listed as municipal.

Note the walkway along the ocean and Washer Creek – CVRD hasn’t been able to answer if KIP had a permit to work so close to the shore since Jan. 11, 2023. Ole slick has been leading consecutive boards around by the nose for years. A real sleaze in my opinion. 🙂

The area of park space in green is approx. 55 acres as agreed to in the MDA, with the orange area to be provided as park land in the future – as in who the hell knows with this weird developer. The pages below are from the MDA between KIP and the CVRD.

See that last paragraph above about motorized and mechanized vehicles being excluded? Look at this:

The coal hill does not belong to KIP aka Union Bay Estates, it is Crown land even though ole slick has it included on their bullshit website.

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