Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – still calling the police.

Had a visit from the RCMP on March 14, 2023, about DWR complaining about my drone distracting the workers. RCMP claims they have pics and videos – great, let’s see if it’s my drone. The officer stated he was aware I was flying legally – well…. He brought up some weird reference to aviation and I asked him to show it to me, of course he didn’t have it with him, and I asked if he could email it to me. He took down my email address and that’s the last I heard from them. Why they sent this officer who didn’t have a clue is beyond me. They didn’t send anyone when Jurisich parked his truck preventing me from leaving a friends house – no action taken.

How come Jurisich hasn’t been charged after robbing me of my drone?

How come the CVRD case hasn’t progressed since May of 2022. DWR’s lawyers are making a mockery of the CVRD – showing the CVRD they can screw them around.

Look how distracted the workers are.

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