Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – look how startled the yard manager is by the drone.

These guys are something else. Ruttan must be so stressed out from a drone 80 metres in the sky. Guess it’s okay though to come right up to me and rob me of my drone, chase me to my home and call in their buddies to show force – that’s okay, right? You’re the victim?

7. Ms. Reynold’s operation of the drone over the Property has caused me stress. I have
become agitated by the presence and sound of the drone. When 1 hear the drone, it immediately
causes me to stop working and look up towards the sky for the intruding drone.

8. Things have, gotten to a point where Deep Water Recovery is under almost constant surveillance. This is unnerving. This has caused me feelings of stress and agitation. It also makes me uncomfortable at work.

10. That said, on many occasions I have been startled and distracted by the drone flying
overhead. The drone has caused me to lose focus on what I am doing.

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