Alan de Jersey does not approve of this post:

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If I would have sent an email like this, you can bet money I would be facing charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.  It is a criminal offence to counsel actions suggested in the email.  But, it’s who you know.  Right?

Not sure exactly what he disputes.  The email speaks for itself and exposes what I believe to be an attempt to get his friends involved rather than deal with me directly.

Another example is the blog set up by his friend Bryan Baker who first sent me anonymous emails calling me a ‘cunt’.  Bryan Baker lives in Comox – does not care about Union Bay.  If I dared to send an email calling someone a ‘cunt’, or use their name to create a blog for the sole purpose of trashing them and again referring to them as a ‘cunt’, there would be outrage.  But, it’s who you know.  Right?

So I’m now aware of Bryan Baker and K. Jonsson having a hate on me and the only connection is Mr. de Jersey as I don’t know these people.  How many others has Mr. de Jersey had similar conversations regarding me?  Are people I don’t know being recruited to do me harm?  I’m posting this just in case ‘something’ happens to me.

It would be interesting to see who has used their positions to gain access to information regarding me.  How many people have illegally accessed information about me using their positions and passed that information on?

The police choose who to help – simple as that.  What happened to women in Vancouver is happening everywhere only on a smaller scale.  Nothing is going to change because the cops already have the mindset.

Lives are ruined simply because someone in a uniform decides your value.

Look what happened to Margaret Edgar.