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It Has Always Been About Kensington Island Properties Union Bay

My goal from 2006 remains unchanged.  Kensington Island Properties is proceeding only because of questionable actions being ignored or covered up by those promoting this development.  There are those who want me to stop asking questions about the agreement with KIP regarding the Water Treatment Facility which was negotiated behind closed doors in 2011, without the knowledge of the entire Board.  This agreement should have been challenged simply because of how it was conducted and supposedly negotiated.   Union Bay would have at least had a chance at being dealt with fairly instead of the giveaway to Kensington Island Properties.  Would have been fairly easy to prove.

But, things became complicated in my opinion.  For some reason that I cannot possibly imagine, someone involved in the negotiation decides maybe to get some advice.  Okay, makes sense if you’re unsure.  Hmm.  Who to go to?  Answer:  TAG Neighbour.

Agreement accepted by TAG Neighbour as elected Chair of the Union Bay Improvement District April 2011.  Refused to challenge an agreement that will cost landowners Millions.  So at this point, in my opinion, TAG has made matters more complicated for me.  I know what’s gone on with Kensington Island Properties and how Union Bay has received squat when $17.4 Million was offered by the developer.  This generous developer even offered to pay $18 Million at one point if the dam had to be raised.  $35.4 Million total offered by McMahon since he showed up in Union Bay.  $1.4 Million is negotiated and you think I’m not to going to ask questions?

I am responsible for my actions.  I am not responsible for the actions of those who are elected or their friends.

I do not cave.


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