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Union Bay Improvement District is in Trouble

In court, Mr. Ford’s lawyer Alan Lenczner presented his client as an honest man who made a mistake. And he said that the city didn’t have the authority to impose the sanction of reimbursement in the first place, rendering everything that came after null and void.

The above quote is from the following article on Rob Ford’s successful appeal of being removed from office.

In January 2011, the Union Bay Improvement District locked out the electorate denying those they served to observe what actions were being taken on their behalf.  During this time actions were taken by the Board of Trustees which they did not have the authority to impose.  Does that render everything that came after null and void?  These matters involve taxpayers money.  This money must be returned as it was spent without authority by those in charge of the purse strings.  Landowners are going to have to push for answers and demand legal action be taken if monies have been spent by those ignorant of a limit to their authority.

The Union Bay Improvement District has been a bank for those running your affairs.  As long as the books balance for the auditor everything is fine.  But what has the taxpayers money been spent on?  Did those in charge have the authority to spend the money or did they claim they did and no one challenged them?  Tens of thousands without a second thought by those who don’t know the rules.  A five member Board being operated by three Trustees who intentionally excluded two Trustees from decisions regarding millions of dollars for the community but receiving 1/16th of what the developer offered.

More Conflict of Interest developed in 2011, involving unelected TAG members, Trustees participating in votes and negotiations with Kensington Island Properties.   Actions that should have been taken immediately were stalled because TAG wanted to wait until an election, ignoring the fact the community had been illegally locked out by a Chair who threatened to call the police if the meeting was disrupted.  TAG unwilling to stand up for the very people they want to support and vote for them.

Is it a Conflict of Interest for an elected TAG Trustee to be involved in applying pressure to a landowner causing them to withdraw as a candidate for the position of Trustee in the by election in late 2011?

In my opinion, the only thing the TAG Board has accomplished is covering up or wilfully ignoring the actions of previous individuals who have caused undue financial hardship to the community of Union Bay.  The TAG Board is willing to forgive any questionable actions and no attempt will be made to have any money recovered.  The TAG Board has decided to accept any loss and just write it off.  Money is gone, so they come back to you, the landowner.  The only reason you receive for increases is that they don’t have the money and it has to come from somewhere – you.  You’re paying over and over for nothing.

There are many instances of actions taken by those without authority resulting in costs to the landowners.  There are many instances of money being spent initially that can be rendered null and void due to lack of authority in the first place.  Landowners worry about the parcel taxes going up a few bucks – Hell, pay attention – this is millions of dollars.  Why are landowners basically subsidizing KIP?

The relationship with KIP and UBID has been suspect.  Let’s have someone look at Kensington Island Properties relationship with the Union Bay Improvement District and assess the actions taken by those to assist this development proceeding.  Were the actions initially legal?  How many decisions can be determined to be null and void with Kensington Island Properties?  Lots.

You have been screwed and everyone wants you to forget or move on.

What are you going to do about your money being spent without any accountability by those who didn’t have the authority?  How many businesses do you deal with that you don’t question the amount you pay?  What amount would it take for you to speak up?

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