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My Value Decided

Mr. de Jersey has proved my point regarding the RCMP.  It’s who you know.  Right?

Mr. de Jersey is extremely upset because I posted a threatening email exchange between Mr. de Jersey and one of his friends suggesting physical injury to me.  What he’s upset about is the fact someone’s email was made public.  Mr. de Jersey is ranting on about the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and how he’s already made a complaint.  Everyone knows the Office of the Privacy Commissioner never handles these matters.

Then Mr. de Jersey accuses me of illegal actions regarding the threatening email and he’s going to make sure I am exposed and dealt with.  How dare I post an email where someone is suggesting detailed ways of causing me physical harm.  There should be outrage about the author’s email and completely ignore the THREATS.  Pretend it doesn’t exist.  Right?

Mr. de Jersey decided my value.  He and his friends can never do anything wrong.  RCMP friend protection.  It’s who you know.  Right?

Feb. 1, 2013 on The Cumberlander Mr. de Jersey posted the following:

By Alan deJersey
Today · You continue to flatter yourself Ms. Reynolds, nobody I know would intend any physical harm to you, you really are not worth it. You think you scare people, you don’t, you just offend and are annoying. Anybody that reads your rants or knows you will realize that if you had actuallly received a “legitimate” threat you would have gone to the authorities with it long ago. · email the commentor · edit · del

Well that’s a different spin on a threatening email.

Mr. de Jersey has investigated and determined I shouldn’t flatter myself as no one Mr. de Jersey knows would intend any physical harm to me – Mr. de Jersey states “you really are not worth it”.

I guess that’s it then.  I have nothing to worry about because the individual (Mr. de Jersey) who sent the email knowing it would upset the recipient (again, I don’t know why) and she responded with suggestions about how there must be someone who could take me down.

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