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Union Bay Was Getting A Sewer System, Filtration System, Storage in 2008

The following is an excerpt from the Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting in 2008.  The discussion is around the lawsuit filed against the Regional District for illegally changing the water source without public input causing Kensington Island Properties to threaten to leave blah blah blah.  Wimper, sniff.

Listen to what Union Bay was to receive if/when the project went ahead according to an elected official.  It should be noted that the negotiator became a Trustee at this meeting in April 2008 for a three year term ending April 2011.  This was not the first time this Trustee held the position and had been Chair of the Union Bay Improvement District previously.  So someone who has held the position of Chair, returns and negotiates the agreement now in place?  In my opinion, this person was not in any way qualified to take on this task.  Especially, when it was being conducted without the knowledge of the entire Board.  Union Bay has suffered because an incompetent person handled the negotiations.  I also believe that in 2011, a majority of our elected Trustees were in a Conflict of Interest involving Kensington Island Properties and should have recused themselves from voting on the agreement.  This agreement is a joke – who wasn’t in a conflict involving this deal in 2011 right before the April election, with Brian McMahon, VP Kensington Island Properties?  There are so many dirty fingers it’s like a pig pen.

Regional District loses the case, Judge states the public denied input.  Regional District then holds a free for all meeting in December 2009, where anyone, anywhere can submit their support for Kensington Island Properties.  It was no longer left up to the landowners of Union Bay.  No surprise, KIP gets the green light.

So what happened to the sewer system, filtration system, water storage?  Well, the individual selected to negotiate with Kensington Island Properties VP, Brian McMahon, behind closed doors must not have understood what ‘negotiate’ meant.  McMahon said what he was willing to give and what he wanted and the Union Bay negotiator said ‘okay’.

How the hell do you negotiate DOWN?  Something stinks.   Well, it is Union Bay.   Home of the hillbilly spineless morons.  They won’t notice.  They can’t see a Conflict of Interest right in front of them.

There is also a Conflict of Interest involving the TAG member who was compromised before being elected in April 2011 by interfering in the agreement and then accepting it with no problems once elected. 

In B.C. Supreme Court, Justice Brian MacKenzie rejected the residents’ claim on the grounds that neither of the committee members gained any personal financial benefit from the money given to the societies.

However, the appeal court ruled that he interpreted the law too narrowly. Appeal Court Justice Ian Donald said directors of societies and other types of corporations are required to serve them loyally and “act honestly and in good faith and in the best interests of the society.”

That duty can create a conflict with their duty to serve the best interests of the voters.

There is also a Conflict of Interest involving the TAG Trustee who interfered in the election process by having a landowner withdraw as a candidate from the Oct. 2011 by election.  Evidence of the ignorance regarding Conflict of Interest is in the Trustee as I bring up the question at the Jan. 16, 2013 meeting – shaking their head and smiling as though what a silly person I am for thinking they would answer to me.  Well, they will answer at some point.  It’s just a matter of time.

There is also a Conflict of Interest between UBID and TAG.  This fake political party thing just isn’t going to wash.  It is a blatant conflict which must be addressed.  This group, like those before them, simply cannot grasp the concept of having limited authority over matters involving Union Bay and using the taxpayers money running the government as they wish.  It is coming to an end and they know it.

A KIP refresher:


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