2 thoughts on “Kensington Island Properties, Union Bay

  1. You’ll notice if you ask questions you are viewed as a trouble maker and will be treated as such. It’s really quite easy to catch them. Have someone else go in and ask the same questions you did and see if they are treated differently. Also, put everything in writing.
    I attended the monthly meetings and posted them on Youtube but at the 2014 AGM one of the Trustees spouses put forth a motion to not allow the recording as some people were uncomfortable. This assures the board will not be challenged and the info provided to landowners is what the board provides in the landowners update. Control the information, control the people.


  2. So nine years later!
    Being a newbie I have done the following;
    1) Contacted the ombudsman’s office, I received a call the next day and after a discussion they suggested I talk to the UBID administrator with my concerns.
    2) Discussed my concerns with UBID administrator and the suggestion was to read the 151 Page Comprehensive Review of Public Works and Water Managment in Uniom Bay. I am presently on page 27
    3) Attend the June17th meeting for updates


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