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Kensington Island Properties, A Little History

I came across this letter I saved from Oct. 2, 2008, and it is actually funny and relates to the latest antics between KIP and UBID.

Water information needed in Union Bay
Anonymous. The Courtenay Comox Valley Record. Courtenay, B.C.:Oct 2, 2008. p. 1
Copyright (c) 2008 Black Press Group Ltd.)

Dear editor,

Union Bay Improvement District has recently advised residents that it plans to submit a water treatment plan to VIHA. As a ratepayer in the community, I believe that the residents need to be informed about these plans before they are submitted and a number of questions should be answered before UBID spends an estimated $2 million.

VIHA’s new policy (March 7, 2008) regarding potable water describes the mandatory requirements for water disinfection and outlines situations when further filtration may not be required. It also advises that UBID is being consulted regarding a new condition on their operating permit. The condition requires that UBID provide processes that will remove/inactivate viruses and parasites, and produce water with a specific acceptable level of turbidity.

In order to understand what UBID must do to be compliant depends on the answers to the following questions: Are the current water treatment readings within acceptable limits? Is the daily turbidity rating within the required limits? Are virus and parasite counts above normal?

Although Union Bay’s water is certainly not the best, I have understood that it meets the necessary health standards. If this is the case, the VIHA policy permits water supply systems to operate without filtration. Do the new conditions mean that Union Bay water does not now meet VIHA standards?

Kensington Island Property’s obligation in the Master Development Agreement (3.1(r)) is to, before building a subdivision, enter into an agreement with the UBID for the supply and distribution of potable water from the UBID to the KIP development. At various public meetings residents were told that this would include improving the water system for the entire community. How do UBID’s immediate plans to improve the water relate to KIP’s obligation? Unless the water is unsafe, why isn’t UBID waiting for KIP to develop its water plans?

At a minimum, and before UBID proceeds to spend at least $2 million, I believe it is necessary to provide ratepayers with the following information: (1) Is this initiative to improve the water system necessary because the water does not meet VIHA standards? (2) What will be the increased costs of taxes per household based on a per $100,000 of assessed value?

Finally, as UBID is required to present this proposal to the ratepayers for approval before committing taxpayers to a hefty capital expenditure and borrowing the funds, this information should be forthcoming before the annual meeting.

D. Molstad,

Union Bay

Here’s the spin from the Echo on the KIP rally.  🙂

kip rally june 3 2015

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