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Union Bay Coal Hills & Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza)

Some more documents for those interested in KIP Costanza. These are very large pdf’s and technical.

201.01022.01 Sup DSI_Final Report

201.01022.01 Revised PF and PQRA Waste Coal Pile Sept 8 2006 DSC_2514 copy

The coal hill waste site reflects years of man-made pollution of the coal production in the area. The list of contaminated materials includes the following: copper, arsenic, cadmium, lead, zinc, barium, mercury, chromium, manganese, aluminum, and iron; all in excess of the safe standards for BC Contaminated Sites Regulations. There are also elevated arsenic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (this is a long chain carbon that doesn’t break down in water and thus has a long-term toxicity). In addition, chemicals present at the coal hills (acenaphthene, anthrasene, chrysene, fluorine, 2 methylnaphthalene, naphthalene and phenanthrene) are in excess of BC Sediment Quality Criteria.

To view the numbers provided in the following pdf’s click the enlarge button repeatedly to zoom in.




@Paul:  The only change I’ve seen since 1994 is the reshaping of the east side for Washer Creek and the use of  SkyRocket as a topping in the same area.

Truckloads of rock/gravel were also brought in the flat area just beyond the KIP shack.  Some of this material has since been trucked out for use behind the Post Office.

One thought on “Union Bay Coal Hills & Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza)

  1. Very large and scientific documents, does anyone have a short laymans version. 7-8 years have passed. Question, what had to be done, has the work been completed and why should we care?


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