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KIP Costanza Supporter Gives Legal Advice

Beefs and Bouquets July 17, 2015.

Another crying Kensingtion Island KIP Costanza supporter educating us on the legal aspect of the expired WIA.

The writer could easily be KIP Costanza since KIP avoids putting things in writing with a signature.

beef from costanza supporter

I call bullshit on the “took over a year to work out with lawyers for both sides…..”  The negotiations didn’t begin until early 2011 and the 2 Trustees who were kept in the dark about the negotiations first learned when they received the rough draft in March 2011.  The deal was rushed through because the existing buddy board of KIP Costanza knew they would lose control and be dumped to the curb in April 2011 at the AGM.

According to the F. Lee Bailey wannabe, KIP Costanza has 2 1/2 more years!  This person sounds as bright as those folks who brought us the Fake Union Bay Residents’ Association, the purchase of the School Property without clear title and the original WIA agreement.  Those same folks who locked out the electorate now begging for support for their saviour of Union Bay – KIP Costanza.


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