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Kensington Island (KIP Costanza) Supporter Gets One Thing Right

Water, water everywhere and not a drop for KIP!

reduced KIP COSTANZA ON BOAT WITH BALLOONSkip costanza supporter july 24 2015

“He is willing to front the money that would normally be accessed on each property as Capital Expenditure Charges (CEC), so we can have our treatment plant right away.”

That is correct.  What the developer is offering is to pay for the temporary water treatment plant with the money normally collected in CEC’s.  This is not a gift to the community, it’s KIP Costanza getting a credit until as the writer puts it “once the treatment plant is paid down”.

“Union Bay stands to make a lot of money from this development since they will still be collecting CEC’s once the treatment plant is paid down.”

Well, what happens when the treatment plant must be moved?  I believe Trustee Alan Webb covered this at the June 17, UBID Board meeting.  (position 14:30 in part one)

It’s on Kip Costanza’s land.  Where will the money come from for the next phase?  Will Kip Costanza get a credit for next phase as well?  How will UBID ever collect CEC’s if KIP Costanza is given a write off at every phase?

“If Kensington manages to get their water from another source, Union Bay could be out in the cold for collecting CEC’s, the promised property for a new fire hall and any of the other amenities proposed.”

What other source?  Didn’t we go through all this since 2006?  Give your head a shake.  KIP Costanza is determined to get the water from Langley Lake – why do you think it was illegally changed which resulted in the successful lawsuit by BSASS”baynes%20sound%20area%20sustainability ?  The decision wasn’t appealed (with good reason), instead the RD held a meeting where anyone could support KIP Costanza including companies and employees of businesses who had worked for KIP Costanza including some in Calgary.  That’s how much KIP Costanza wants to help the residents of Union Bay.  KIP Costanza will promise anything but will deliver none, same old same old.  If there’s water in that old well west of Tappin St. they tested last year – good on them.  Go ahead, see how many homes of the 3300 plus doors will be supported by other sources.

KIP Costanza is not trying to help the residents of Union Bay.  Give your fucking head a shake.  Stop referring to the development as a human – this is about making the biggest profit possible, and if that involves sucking in the brain dead to support the project, that’s what will be done.  Was KIP Costanza trying to help the residents of Union Bay when involving the KFN’s to oppose Union Bay acquiring the piece of land at the top of McLeod Rd for our water reservoir?  KIP Costanza is just another fucking slimy developer surrounding itself with dolts who drink the koolaid.

Get off your high horses about how bad the water is and the supposed urgency for filtration.  This is the country.  If the water discolours your bathroom – clean it more often.  We wouldn’t be in this position if it hadn’t been for the KIP Costanza development in the first place.  Slimy Kip Costanza is nothing but a bag full of bullshit.

KIP Costanza is like a vampire wanting to suck the life out of Union Bay, only it’s not blood – it’s water.  Kip Costanza is an absentee landowner – doesn’t live in the community and has no intention but likes to flex it’s muscles as the largest landowner forcing Union Bay to comply to its wishes.

What developer expects a community to supply water to 3300 plus doors in exchange for a piece of land for a firehall?  That’s what it boils down to.  The development needs treated water – our water.  Giving the developer a credit and calling it a gift is ridiculous.

The idiots that negotiated the original WIA should be embarrassed and stop misleading the residents of Union Bay.

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