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34083 Yukon Inc. (aka Kensington Island Properties) & the Coal Hills in Union Bay

This email was provided to a community group and one of the members forwarded it to me.

Subject: Re: further update on Union Bay Waste Coal remediation?
On 29-May-15, at 2:52 PM, Macfarlane, Mike ENV:EX wrote:

No progress to report.

We are advised by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources that they are still in negotiations on the allocation of costs for the approved plan with the other two parties.
‎Mike Macfarlane
Director, Land Remediation

“No Progress to Report” – should be KIP’s slogan.

So it appears there is an approved plan but it’s the allocation of costs which is holding up the process.

Funny 34083 Yukon Inc. couldn’t put that into words for the benefit of those who came to get information.

If 34083 Yukon Inc. doesn’t have the funds, why is that our concern or for us to consider in regards to the expired WIA?

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