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Just like 34083 Yukon Inc. promises a47662c00782402bf2adcfc41e6e6cb6.jpg shrinkage!

Well it’s certainly going to be interesting times in good old Union Bay again since Hillbilly ethics have been re-introduced.  So pay attention and learn for the next time this type of situation rears its ugly head again.

It’s easy to see what type of Trustee someone will be if they are afraid to answer or discuss conflict of interest.  Someone lacking this basic knowledge of ethics is unfit to hold elected office.

They can ignore me (as if that works) but I will do everything in my power to prevent the 2 new Trustees from accessing details involving UBID and 34083 Yukon Inc. during their entire 3 year term.

No more going through the Ombudspersons Office – takes too long.

Let the Hillbilly games begin!