It appears a retired cop and an electrician have negotiated some type of agreement with Kip Costanza to provide water to this development.  They have more knowledge than the engineers and are far more capable of negotiating on behalf of the Union Bay landowners than a silly professional negotiator.  What could go wrong?  It’s done all the time.

After all, no one would give a thought if Bruce Joliffe campaigned on behalf of KIP, whining to Minister Fassbender’s office they weren’t getting what they wanted.  Then, once they have a facilitator appointed by Fassbender’s office and a memorandum of understanding is reached, turn around and secretly negotiate a deal without the knowledge of the rest of the Regional District Directors.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

Before you jump on the bandwagon thinking KIP is providing “at no cost to the landowners”, think again.  To believe a developer is giving something for nothing is just childish.  The concerns regarding the expired agreement were read by Alan Webb last year at the June 2015 meeting.

The following excerpts (NOTE:  the highlighting appears in the original document) are from:

problems with 2011 WIA page 1 15Jun17 Signed Board Meeting Minutes Package-13 Problems with 2011 WIA page 2 15Jun17 Signed Board Meeting Minutes Package-14 Problems with 2011 WIA page 3 15Jun17 Signed Board Meeting Minutes Package-15