The Union Bay Turkeyturkey kip

One of the many reports provided by Focus on behalf of KIP.  Again, there has never been any land identified as suitable for a permanent water treatment facility within the KIP development.  How is it now that land at Musgrave Rd. and McLeod Rd is suddenly an ideal location (with holding tanks and pumps)?

How is it that the 2 new Trustees (a retired cop and an electrician) are more knowledgeable than the engineers who have provided their expertise over the years?  Suddenly, these two bright bulbs have decided what the future of Union Bay will be with their good buddy, Kip Costanza.

If these two clowns follow through with plans to resurrect the expired water agreement with all its flaws – it will be on their heads when the shit hits the fan.

Their legacy will be the goofs who were conned by a sleazy developer.  Installing a temporary water treatment facility on the developers land, which will not save any money in the long run because the landowners will still have to pay for a permanent facility in 5 – 7 years.  VIHA will not allow the temporary one to be shut down until a permanent facility is in place.  So what have we gained?

The two clowns will go down in history as the idiots who screwed the community.  Enjoy your life with that hanging over your head.

2006 Focus report 1