I’m sure everyone has heard of the petition.


A big bouquet of something special to the grass roots land owners in Union Bay who are circulating a petition to the Ministry of Sport and Cultural Development, Attention: Honourable Minister Fassbender. I fully support the content of the petition and urge all land owners in Union Bay to participate by signing in favor of turning over the governance of Union Bay to the Comox Valley Regional District. This would be Union Bays Letters Patent and includes the supply and distribution of water, fire protection and street lighting. In my opinion this is strictly a change in management which should have little or no effect on the community. Royston turned their water works over to the CVRD several years ago and Sandwick water works is transferring on January 1st 17. Under the current circumstances surrounding the operations of the Union Bay Improvement District this is a “Golden Opportunity” to do the same. I sincerely hope that the land owners have the for sight and courage to make this change NOW.