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My Email To The KIPLETS With My Letter To The Editor

It appears no matter what proof is provided to this clueless duo, they continue in the belief KIP doesn’t want to control our water.

If they had ever bothered to read anything they would understand the issue with Kensington Island Properties has always been WATER.

The KIPLETS don’t want to pay anything towards a water treatment facility that would be completely owned and operated by UBID.  That’s their entire reasoning.  No thought given to the consequences or plans for the future of the community.  It’s all about the money.  And like a prostitute – everyone has their price – they’re willing to give complete control of the community’s water over to a Developer in exchange for an interest free loan.

Can anyone show me in the 2011 Expired Water Infrastructure Agreement where it states KIP would pay for Langley Lake infrastructure including the dam?

I simply have to ask.  Do they know how to read?

my letter to the editor Voila_Capture 2016-8-16_04-17-4_pmfunny-simpsons-gif-t04h-U77r6XXsHkziWH4vQ.gif

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