All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.

Jednorog:  Perfect example of an inflated sense of self importance.  “Most Talented and Community Focused”.  What’s her experience?  What makes her Trustee material?



Well Ted, how are you going to reduce taxes?

What does “work to obtain a Water Treatment Plant at the lowest possible cost” mean?  Lowest cost as in allowing KIP to build a temporary water treatment facility on KIP land as in the expired 2011 agreement?

The expired 2011 Expired WIA states the developer would own the temporary treatment facility until the lease expires.  Do you support the developer being given credit in Capital Expenditure Charges for a facility UBID would not own?

UBID-KIP Water Agreement Apr 2011- page 6

What did the previous Board do that wasn’t transparent?

What actions did the previous Board take that these three candidates would do differently?

How did the previous Board fail?  How did their “balanced best practices, cost effectiveness and efficiency in providing Water, Fire/Rescue and Street Lighting services” not meet the needs of the community for the past six years?

Have you looked at the financial statements when these Trustees took control in 2011 compared to our current situation?  You don’t have to like any of these people but you cannot deny the good work and service they provided while they were Trustees.

I recall Ted was a big supporter of Union Bay becoming a municipality.  Tell me Ted where would we be now if we had become a municipality?  Deep in debt.  We would be responsible for any work on the highway as one example.  It’s fine to claim we could apply for grants, but applying and receiving are not the same.

None of these candidates have substance.  It’s all catch phrases and words that mean nothing to them.

There simply isn’t anything to vote for with these candidates.