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Let’s not forget KIP signed the original 2011 WIA obviously aware he couldn’t proceed until the coal hill remediation was resolved.  What’s the point of any agreement if KIP claims he still can’t proceed?  We’re all spinning our wheels for nothing.

This video is from July 2011, with VP Brian McMahon informing the Board of the only thing that’s holding him up is for UBID and the RD to reach an agreement regarding the water transfer.  Listen to how many times he says “we’re looking at” – this should not be interpreted as a promise, it means nothing.  Listen to all the aspects of the project he claims will be implemented by the same time the following year (2012).  What has prevented him from implementing his plans regarding the aspects he mentions for over five years?  There has been absolutely no changes or progress in this development since 2011 when this video was recorded.  EDIT:  The elephant in the room referred to by VP of KIP has actually been dealt with.  The piles of slash were burned last winter in a manner he previously gave assurances would not be used and to notify landowners.  What a comedian this guy!

I’ve posted the following page 6 from the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement proving the developer would own the temporary water treatment facility – not UBID.

Click to access UBID-KIP%20Water%20Agreement%20Apr%202011.pdf

If you read Section 2.7 which states:  Subject to section 8.12 hereof, if, by December 31, 2014, the Phase 1 Works are not completed and the Water Treatment Facility is not operational at the Temporary Water Facility Site, then, in the absence of a written agreement between the parties to amend the date hereinbefore provided, this Agreement shall automatically terminate and be of no further force or effect.

The VP of Kip never met or formally asked for an extension until after the WIA expired.

If you read Section 3.1 subsection (d):  provide to UBID, for UBID’s approval, copies of all studies, reports, cost estimates (including future operational and maintenance cost estimates), designs and specifications obtained or commissioned by the Developer from accredited third party professionals for the Phase 1 Works as required by UBID, and in accordance with the Water Servicing Bylaw, to substantiate the sufficiency of the Phase 1 Works and to identify what upgrades, if any, are required to the Water Supply Infrastructure and the Water Distribution Infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of the Development as it is developed by the Developer,

Read Section 3.1 subsection (e):  not construct any of the Phase 1 Works until UBID has in its sole discretion approved the studies, reports, cost estimates, designs and specifications submitted by the Developer in accordance with Sub-section 3.1(d);

If we are to believe KIP’s latest version of the “money is in trust with his lawyer”, what the hell has he been doing since April 2011?  No plans – nothing.  How was he going ahead with absolutely no plans to submit to UBID?

There is zero proof KIP is in any position to provide a treatment facility or that the coal hill is any closer to remediation than it was in 2011 when the expired agreement was signed.  ZERO.

UBID-KIP Water Agreement Apr 2011- page 6