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To UBID Trustee Candidate Rick Bitten – This is How You Find Out Information

All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.



Last night Rick Bitten harped on the lack of transparency with the previous board and secrecy purchasing the land for the permanent water treatment facility and claimed it should have gone to a referendum.

I sent the Administrator the following email and he responded today.

Rick:  Try thinking for yourself and contact the UBID Administrator who is always willing to provide information in a manner which fully addresses landowners concerns. Try it sometime.  You are willfully ignorant.


The other item Kevin is referring to is a second email I sent regarding Dan McGill’s conversation with candidate Lone Jednorog claiming the piece of land is unsuitable as it would blow out our water pipes.

Audio of Oct. 17, Information meeting held by pro kip supporters:

2 thoughts on “To UBID Trustee Candidate Rick Bitten – This is How You Find Out Information

  1. Hi Gord,
    Perhaps the moral obligation to inform the electorate of the purchase of the property was not as important as keeping Kensington Island Properties from sabotaging the acquisition of the land as he did with the property the First Nations objected to. Again, the amount spent on this property is money well spent compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent with nothing to show for it. This piece of land was originally over $300,000. so the previous Board invested in the future of the community. The money was not squandered which is more than can be said for Godfrey and his ilk.


  2. I think there was at least a moral obligation to advise the Landowners of the purchase of the land (before it was purchased) as it was a fundamental change in long-term planning and is part of a plan not revealed to the Landowners (because there is no long-range financial plan) which will result in huge implications in terms of financing through parcel taxes, borrowing, etc. To claim otherwise is sheer b.s.


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