Audio of Oct. 17 meeting:

Lone thinks she’s going to get the community out by changing the time of the monthly meetings.  If she had bothered to check, she would know how often the time for the monthly meetings have changed over the years trying to accommodate landowners.  It’s not an original idea.

Lone claims to understand the expired WIA because she spent an hour with Denis Royer who negotiated the agreement and understands the intent.  If that is so why didn’t she or Denis Royer take my $100 when offered in return for pointing out where in the agreement it states UBID would own the facility prior to the lease expiring?

At the 43 minute mark in the audio Lone claims she spent an hour with Dan McGill and states the land is absolutely the wrong site for the permanent facility  as the pressure would cause our pipes to burst.  Lone had a diagram and was going to educate those present about water pressure until the moderator shut her down.  Now she’s an expert on anything she spends an hour on.

Lone claims the previous board held too many in camera meetings and that things weren’t like this 5 years ago.  Does she have documentation showing the number of in camera meetings or proof the meetings should not have been held in camera?  Back up some of your claims.

At the 1:03 mark of the audio you will hear Lone Jednorog state that we will not be on the hook for any improvements at Langley Lake and claims KIP will be paying for those costs.  This in spite of the agreement specifically stating otherwise.

UBID-KIP Water Agreement Apr 2011-3-4

Five years ago while David Godfrey and Denis Royer were trustees, they unlawfully locked the electorate out.  A vote for Lone Jednorog, Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson will be returning to the belief if they vote on something, that makes it legal.

Lone kept shaking her head in a ‘no’ motion whenever Susanna Kaljur mentioned the clause regarding UBID not owning the facility.  Even with the document right in front of her, she refuses to acknowledge the problem when it’s in black and white.  What document was she speaking to Denis Royer about?  Certainly not the one we all have access to.

It’s the same as her website – no proof of any claims.  Lone Jednorog’s Website You must document, document, document, then you have proof.  Refuses to answer any emails regarding the errors or content including who authors the items.

Lone’s sandwich board for her website claims “unbiased” and yet everything on the site is pro Kensington going so far as to claim any lawyer would agree the Force majeure in the agreement is valid allowing KIP 3 1/2 years on the expired agreement.  Give Lone a dictionary and tell McMahon to take his case to court to enforce the agreement if it’s a slam dunk instead of being a shit disturber dividing the community.

Why does she believe the developer is going to give Union Bay anything free of charge?  Does Kensington Island Properties have a reputation for giving millions of dollars to communities.?