At 1:11 in the audio you will hear Candidate Rick Bitten state:

I haven’t spent years and years researching all these agreements and I apologize for that.

Rick Bitten then goes on to say:

What I look at there’s two things that we’re facing here. There’s the Kip agreement. It’s transparent. It’s been picked apart. It’s been studied twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. Right. What is the other alternative? That’s what people aren’t looking at. It is not transparent. We don’t know what it is. A lot was bought with our money without our approval. Right. It, it’s just basic stuff. I don’t know if the third i is dotted in the fourth paragraph, but I’ll tell you there is a lot of other stuff happening to us that isn’t transparent, and don’t let the KIP agreement be, ah, they’re using it as a distraction to take away our focus on what’s really happening.

So, let me get this straight.  You have been running for Trustee for 3 weeks.  You haven’t researched the agreement although you raised your hand last night when the question was asked, who on the panel had read the agreement?  You support the KIP agreement even though you haven’t done any research or are aware of the problems with the agreement.

Why haven’t you looked on the UBID website? There are pages authored and highlighted by past Trustee Alan Webb as to the concerns with the expired agreement?

Rick Bitten’s claims of lack of transparency by the previous board are laughable considering he is so ignorant of the situation.  This guy hasn’t got a clue.  You can’t claim lack of transparency if you’ve sat on your ass all these years and completely ignored the problems, preferring not to get involved.  How many letters, emails, personal visits to the Union Bay Improvement District can Rick Bitten claim that leads him to state there was a lack of transparency?

What amount of money does Rick Bitten think the UBID Board should hold a referendum for when they are considering spending money.  $100,000.?  $200,000.?  Rick Bitten doesn’t understand the role of trustee any more than the two existing KIPLETS.

Don’t waste your vote on this guy.  He’s running just to take a seat – he shows no interest in the facts and thinks by saying you can trust him, it’s enough.

If you go to 1:14 in the audio clip, you will hear a landowner ask the six candidates if they have already made up their minds regarding the agreement considering the problems mentioned.

We have three Pro KIP candidates and they want to claim they haven’t made up their minds?  They’re going to research?