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Video of All Candidates Meeting For Union Bay Trustee Positions October 19, 2016 Union Bay Community Hall



Thanks to Cliff Boltd for moderating the meeting.

NOTE:  The three pro KIP candidates chose not to participate in the all candidates meeting – just as I predicted at 4 pm yesterday:

Since the three pro KIP candidates objected to being videotaped at an all candidates meeting, no doubt they also won’t allow any videotaping of public UBID meetings if they get voted in. So much for “democracy and transparency”….

They do not want to be recorded so that any landowner must rely on memory or notes taken at meetings which cannot be relied upon as accurate compared to video and audio recordings.  Breeds misinformation as people are relying on third, fourth hand accounts.  Is this the transparency they keep touting?  Preventing information from being distributed?

Jim Elliott, Susanna Kaljur and Cleve Goldswain want to be recorded.  They don’t fear their words coming back to haunt them as they have no hidden agenda.  They want all landowners to have the information provided at the monthly meetings, acknowledging some landowners are unable to attend, and understand the video recording of those meetings help keep landowners informed.  These candidates will be transparent – just as they have been throughout this campaign.  They don’t hide or duck questions.

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