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Audio from the pro KIP candidates meeting Oct. 17, 2016

This audio clip is from the first five minutes of the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016 when the three pro KIP candidates tried to take over the meeting.  Why did they show up if they had no intention of taking part in the panel answering landowners questions/concerns?  The answer:  intimidation has worked for years in Union Bay and there is a belief in order to live here you must agree with your neighbours or simply not get involved because your friends might be upset if you have a differing opinion.  Pathetic.

Three times the moderator calls for the candidates and we finally start to close the doors, then the three pro KIP candidates came in.

The three pro Kensington Island Properties trustee candidates were invited to the all candidates meeting Oct. 19, 2016, and instead of taking their place at the panel table, they waited until the moderator started speaking and then pro KIP candidate Lone Jednorog started to address the landowners gathered for the meeting. Jednorog refused to stop. Another pro KIP candidate Ted Haraldson told me to be quiet when I objected. You can hear pro KIP candidate Rick Bitten as he’s leaving say ‘see ya, good meeting guys, perfect, shows what you really are’ and then says ‘you guys are mental’.   How can anyone trust these twits?  This was their reaction to the meeting they held where it was obvious they are uninformed with no intention of being informed.  Either they don’t understand the expired agreement or they’re stupid – no other option.

You can protest without disrupting a meeting.  A sign with information is adequate.  We cannot condone the practice of disrupting public meetings because someone (or group) disagrees with the information being provided.

All six candidates were invited and guaranteed time to address the landowners.  Those who chose to take advantage of the opportunity to inform the landowners and respond to questions and concerns were Jim Elliott, Susanna Kaljur and Cleve Goldswain.  Please cast your vote for these three candidates who are running independently and have the support of the Protect Our Water group.

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