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Added bonus to this post the audio clip from the pro Kip candidates trying to take over the all candidates meeting Oct. 19, 2016, in the protester post.  Rick Bitten, Ted Haraldson and Lone Jednorog:

I’m guessing the snake oil salesman in todays beefs and bouquets is Mr. KIP:

And the pro KIP Candidates, Lone Jednorog, Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson support extending/resurrecting the expired 2011 Agreement with a developer who pulls shit like this in our community???  Something is very fishy here.

Compare the audio clip with the minutes of the meeting and you will see the real McMahon behind the scenes compared to the “oh, poor me, I want to negotiate – it’s UBID who won’t negotiate” crap he performs in public.  Look at how arrogant McMahon and his lawyer are.

Mr. Lewis indicated it’s the Developer who controls what is going to be built, where and when.

McMahon repeatedly stated he had an agreement at the KIP hosted March 2016 meeting and repeatedly stated he wanted to negotiate and that it was UBID who refused to negotiate.  Well, it can’t be both.  Obviously, Mr. McMahon has a problem.  It’s because of actions like this that has caused the division in our community and the common denominator is always Brian McMahon, VP of KIP.

This audio clip is from the March 2016 meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties at the Union Bay Community Hall.

The following 2 minute clip is KIP VP, Brian McMahon telling his version of what transpired at the December 2015 meeting in Victoria to negotiate with UBID.

The following are the notes taken by the UBID Administrator of that meeting.    The Administrator is not an elected official and has no bias, so I trust his minutes of that meeting.  The majority of landowners are unaware of what took place and support this shit disturber because of what he told at his March meeting.  This document was leaked to me in August 2016.

NOTE:  Regarding Langley Lake dam upgrades in the expired agreement. Mr. McConnellmcdonnell-from-linkedvoila_capture-2016-10-21_11-15-55_am concludes……future dam upgrades that may be required, etc. are not specified and in fact very absent and thus not addressed in that agreement.  Lone Jednorog insists KIP will pay for any infrastructure required for Langley Lake including the dam.  Who are you going to believe?Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandumDec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 1Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 2