Nice to see trustee Rick Bitten is visiting my blog while on holidays to keep up on what’s happening in Union Bay.

The minutes of the Oct. 27, 2016 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Click to access 16Oct27%20Committee%20of%20the%20Whole%20Meeting%20Minutes%20-%20Signed.pdf

So trustee Bitten apologized on behalf of the Union Bay Improvement District for an assault on landowner Lone Jednorog.  Where is the proof of this assault?  Has anyone been charged?  Who is trustee Bitten claiming assaulted Lone Jednorog?

The following is just hilarious coming from one of the three who planned and executed the disruption of the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016.  This from members of the Union Bay Community Club Hall intentionally disrupting an event because they didn’t want people to hear an opposing view from their event 2 nights earlier.

Trustee Bitten further commented however that any such inappropriate and unwarranted actions should never be condoned and do nothing to bring together what remains to be a much divided community.

At 1:36 in the video below, you can see me being pushed/shoved by an individual in a dark jacket – that is pro Kensington Island Properties candidate (now Trustee) Rick Bitten.

At l:58 in the video below, you can hear pro KIP candidate Rick Bitten as he’s leaving say ‘see ya, good meeting guys, perfect, shows what you really are’ and then says ‘you guys are mental’.